The birthday party

The birthday party

Once op an time there was a girl. She was nine years old. She loved dogs. She had always dreamt of two puppies, Labrador puppies. But she owned a horse. It was a girl horse. Her name was Star Shine. She was gold and had tree white dots on her neck. She also had a star on her back. The girl name was Mary Ann. Her birthday was the first of June. Today was the first of June it was Mary’s birthday she was so existed. Her mom and dad had a surprise for her. They went down town. They stared of going to a restaurant. It was called Curly Spaghetti. They only served spaghetti. When they were done eating went her dad home. And she and her mom went shopping for clothes.

They shopped H & M. At home was

Mary Ann’s dad making everything ready for the surprise birthday party. He called all her friends to come and help him with the party. Everybody brought presents.

Mom and dad are going to give her a biggest present of all. Guess what was in the present. Two little puppy’s. One was a girl and the other a boy. They where golden retrievers. She  named them Goldie  and Ruffs. 


                       the end